BLOOD JUNKIE-Demented Denouements In 80s Style Slashing!

“Laura, Laura, my Laura?  My God those ARE Laura’s glasses! She needs those to see Teddy, she wouldn’t just leave those behind!”
After ranting, raving and carrying on about BILLY CLUB on Cinesludge – A Mangled Media podcast’s SLASHER EPISODE I was really intrigued by the Troma released BLOOD JUNKIE, the first film from director Drew Rosas.  What I got was far beyond expectations and a sign of the greatness to come and a damn fun, funny, and fucking disturbing surprise twist film that definitely carries the same vision as Billy Club and bears the same kind of repeat viewing experience I enjoyed from the latest feature.  Set in the 80s, you have two totally rad dudes that engage in 80s homoerotic teenplay while trying to get laid on a rad camping trip.  It all goes spectacularly wrong when they run into JUNKIES (Junkies? Junkies. JUNKIES!) hungry for blood. One monstrous masked mayhem maker to be exact, and the groovy guys and boobs baring babes are in for a bad ride.  But did I mention the girls brought along their slightly odd little brother, buying off his silence for a 5 spot to buy more instruments of doom for the local ant population.  Andy is… a little off, and if you pay close attention, when things start strobing in front of Andy’s eyes (TV, bonfire…KNIFE!) shit is about to get weird.
To be honest, I’m not going to spoil the twist to much, but what Billy Club used to fuel it’s finale, Rosas places into an epilogue that changes the movie completely and left me shaking my head that, AGAIN, I suspected what was going on, but got so caught up in the funny dialog, refined period details, occasional gore and suspense and deft editing that it still hit me like a Pet Rock!  

The cast is excellent top to bottom (even the speed walker in the background that totally jumped off the screen for me gets a credit!) and Nick Sommer is once again VERY funny as the hyped up dickhead that you have to root for because once his one liners stop the audience will become very sad!  Besides, rockin’ a velour shirt like that is either a crime against the eyes or an epic conquest of fabric to make cinematic shirt art.  I mean, look at that!  As with Billy Club the tropes of the slasher and horrors of the 80s are played with, but not mocked so much as embraced. If you LOVE watching movies like Deadtime Stories, Scalps or Killer Workout, you’ll enjoy this while scratching your head how it is so damn close to the vibe of the VHS era new releases. If you want a bit more, and find lots of humor in groovy editing that feels as familiar as a montage with weed and hair spray, you get that too.  And then…woah, it’s off to the demented denouement for BLOOD JUNKIE.  
And fuck it…it’s worth it for this.  Crack a BUNTZ BEER (tm Billy Club Rules Inc) and enjoy some BLOOD JUNKIE, on DVD, from TROMA no less!
 And of course…

And now…a minor spoiler that you will want to look at AFTER you experience Blood Junkie. This frame with the UHF channels flipping says it all…  DIG IN and as with Billy Club, I can’t wait to see what Rosas has in store for the next time he unleashes excellence upon the world!


Cinesludge Artwork by Mark K Allen of FRIGHTFEAST

I have been really enjoying the podcasting on CINESLUDGE – A MANGLED MEDIA PODCAST (click it, all episodes available now to rock and shock you!)–and I was insanely happy to get a piece of artwork from the inestimable and utterly sludgetastic Mark K Allen of FRIGHTFEAST depicting Yor’s Truly, EVIL MONK #2 and DT, THE EVIL MONK #1.  FEAST IN FRIGHT at this amazing image!  Click for maximum SHOCK!!

STAR PORTAL! Not Of This Earth Breastacular Corman Craziness!

I have a soft spot for composite films, and who better than NEW HORIZONS to whip up this insane mixture of a chunk of Not Of This Earth’s plot, some footage from NAKED OBSESSION for costumed sexy dancing (!!), BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS and GALAXY OF TERROR for a grumbly bad guy space plot and Athena Massey inquiring about Missionary Position as an emissary from another world out to find human blood and send it back to her…oh, you’ve seen NOT OF THIS EARTH, so you know the deal. However, our bespectacled baddie of Not…  never danced nude in a shower of blood or got laid, so this one is a zany chop shop item that will keep you entertained for 80 minutes, in style!

 Athena Massey, who I only know from being in Greg Dark’s UNDERCOVER, is hanging out one night and BAM, she gets WHAMMMO’d by some falling intellectual space junk that takes over her body.  Lucky for us, this alien is very inquisitive about it’s own breasts and pretty open to experimentation with blood drinking, fortune telling and missionary position sex.  However, the alien suddenly is overwhelmed and has no idea how to use the blood it needs to survive on earth. Drinking it doesn’t work very well, so she ends up in the care of Steven Bauer, who looks a bit befuddled and VERY amused.  Hey, if he gets naked with Massey, all is good.  I mean, the guy spends more time reacting to things with a “HUHWHAT” face than anything else, minus one scene where an alien invader in a motorcycle helmet chases the pair.

If you like a bit of EVERYTHING in your film, Star Portal is highly recommended, though sadly obscure right now, no DVD is available best I could find.  Highlights definitely include a pushy client of the hooker/psychic that Massey (as Quad Rena) kills and uses as cover.  Until a vice squad shows up (!) and then there is a bit in a bizarre goth punk strip club with this…

Yeah, you know where that is from! The entire film whips by and you need to really settle in and go with it, because it has the very best thing a kitchen sink curio can offer in that it is pretty unpredictable.  And Massey is pretty great with the almost Repo Man styled humor that director John Purdy is going for. He wrote THE GUYVER by the way, so much respect to him before even starting this film.  That is probably the charm, it’s a case of “here…copy this script and use this footage” factory film making that goes awry in the best possible way!

One of the things I enjoyed the most was the almost industrial soundtrack which busts out into rock guitar ala 90s grunge at random points!  Composer Adam Berry is pretty prolific and has worked in several styles, from Hercules to Sarah Silverman and South Park, and this film is loaded with off kilter audio choices that probably lend the action onscreen more atmosphere than deserved!  I still wish they had sandwiched in Welcome To The Dark Side though…

You want a nifty little trippy 80 minute movie that brings space, time and tits in one punchy package?  STAR PORTAL will fill the bill nicely!  And…this…

Athena dances sexy time…again!

Cam2Cam with Soisson In Bangkok!

I have to admit that I’m fascinated by the filmography of Joel Soisson, and when his latest popped up on Netflix, somehow pumping past the 2 star mark, I was intrigued to say the least. Even though it isn’t a sequel as is his wont to do he still managed to slam a number 2 in there!  And hey, it has what appears to be a topless woman in I Spit On Your Grave shorts with a hatchet on the cover.  Can it be bad?   That is the question with all of his directed films for me. Are they just awful, or do I keep going back because the guy has a very oddball style and flair for what should be on screen that I find it interesting?  I think it is the latter.  So, what have we got?

CAM2CAM starts with a VERY long opening scene, apparently based on a short film shown at Cannes and picked up by Raimund (Kill ‘Em All) Huber for expansion. Reworking that into a nearly 25 minute sequence, we see a woman that starts flirting online with another woman, only to discover that things aren’t quite as they seem and her head is not long for her body…and that kicks off the rest of the film as her sister travels to Bangkok to FIND HER HEAD!  At one point a character asks, “who goes all the way around the world to find a head???” and yeah, that definitely is a good question, but hey, this was a strong start. Some genuine suspense gets kicked in the keys by utterly ridiculous and not in a good way “cyber tech” that is livened up by a cock waggling mime.  Though there is probably a great description of what I like about Soisson directed movies, you don’t know what the best part is until you type COCK WAGGLING MIME!

After the stalking is done, we meet the now beheaded woman’s sister as she enters a weird hotel for ex-patriots that work as Cam models for CAM2CAM, and it seems that if you get to close to them, bad things start to happen. Like, death oriented bad stuff.  The movie loses its way a few times as the characters talk abstractly and the plot unfolds slowly, but it never loses the vibe the local color brings, as well as a couple of chase and goreful bits occur to move things along.  Honestly, it’s intriguing until the resolution happens, and it becomes all to silly as one character begs for his safety for what feels longer than the opening 20 minutes.  It builds to a not so surprising but pleasantly Soissonesque (my new term) happenstance that brings all the characters back together and a final payoff that reminded me of the original ending of Sliver for some reason.  Yeah, that might be a Soissonism as well, “it reminded me of the original ending of Sliver.”  Does anyone else remember Sliver? I like that film!

The acting is just solid enough in spots to keep the sketchy vibe of being alone in Bangkok seeking head, and not the type you would think you could get easily, but the actual head of your missing relative being held as a trophy or something.  Tammin Sursok has an interesting presence and puts over the obsessive nature of the character well enough that I wanted to know what was going to happen, even if I wished that it would JUST HAPPEN at a few points.

It’s on streaming now, and while it’s hard to recommend unless you are a Soissonaphile (!!!), DTV fans will recognize his style right away and might find a few scenes as memorable as I did. If nothing else, watch the opening scene that recreates the short film, it’s pretty entertaining. If any film screams “VENGEANCE IS HUNTING FOR HEAD IN BANGKOK…from the director of PULSE 3!!” it is CAM2CAM.  So, Soissonaphiles line up!

Top 10 Viewings of 2014- Rage Brains and Mecha Sharks!!

I am NO GOOD at making lists of movies of the year. Why? Because I think I may have seen maybe, MAYBE, 4 horror films released this year.  And that is the bulk of my new film viewings.  I’m a fuddy duddy, still trying to catch up with the bazillion things that interest me. So, when Dan Taylor of Exploitation Retrospect and I put together the latest CINESLUDGE – A MANGLED MEDIA PODCAST we opted to go for the top films we watched this year. NO RESTRICTIONS!  The episode is up for download via iTunes or you can listen right here.  But lets get VISUAL! 10. CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES

This documentary is HUGE and as in depth as you could want.  I read every book on the films, since I pretty much hold Jason as close as most classic monster fans do DRACULA!  Tons of interviews and a spectacular presentation make it fun to watch AND listen to.  A must. The NEVER SLEEP AGAIN on Freddy is equally excellent, but I’m a Jason kid.


I picked up the three pack, having NO CLUE about how the sequels would be and I thought FEAST was OK. Well, once John Gulager got the money cuffs off, took less to work with and CRUSHED one mega movie about monster donged beasts, midget wrestlers, disintegrating grammas and gore gore gore, it’s beyond fun.  Tit Girl and Tat Girl!  The entire trilogy will run you ten bucks, get it.


I watched 50 Asylum movies in 30 days.  THIS was a real favorite as it plays with the monster premise AND has Debbie Gibson chatting about a horny Mega Shark. And Mecha Shark gets the Mecha Godzilla treatment perfectly, defeat, drama, action, MECHANIZED MAYHEM. Pure enjoyment as only an Asylum film can provide!


Max Cerchi brought the most bizarre things to this microbudget terror film!  It’s kind of incomprehensible (and it was shot over a long period of time), features Kendall Ransom, the badass with a full body tattoo that leaves his ass crack untouched and a face smashing finale I’ll never forget! One day I’ll have a TALK LIKE HELLINGER holiday and my children will be very amused. Or frightened.  That is the thing about Hellinger, it works because it’s just so damn odd!

6. SEX HUNTER 1980

From the director of the infamous EVIL DEAD TRAP, Toshiharu Ikeda, comes a sex film that blends Suspiria with exploding coca cola enemas with style and sleaze.  UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE.  On the podcast I discuss my new found interest in Nikkatsu films, which I’m devouring this year!  Why didn’t I see them before? How did they defy expectation and become so damn vital to my cinematic journey?  Listen for more.  But if you love bizarre cult films and are ready to try something different, this could be your gateway to nirvana, or a very very dark hell.


 I’ve watched a LOT of Jim Wynorski films this year, after stretching beyond one of my favorite all around films, HARD TO DIE, this one was covered on Cinesludge. It mixes genres, beautiful women, and Matt McCoy as the embodiment of the LONGARM novels into one super entertaining mix.  Wynorski can do anything really, but I never expected to hear, “are you the one they call HOLY GHOST!”  This needs a BluRay!


It was a year when I probably could have made a VINEGAR SYNDROME top 10 films of my year, but… this one really stood out. Jamie Gillis is a fascinating figure in porn history, and this roughie that wasn’t nearly as rough as I’d feared, is a nifty rip of Last House On The Left with some very bizarre porn scenes and a finale that made me shake my head about 10 times. It’s great and another film that bridges a gap from cult film to the current re-releases of adult features from the 70s and 80s.  That ending…hah!


Sitting within a Shout Factory 4 pack of Cult Films, I had never seen this Golan Globus 80s W.I.P. film with the evil Smiley The Guard, The Lesbian Lust Chamber Warden, A good girl wronged going on a rampage and so much more.  80s. Opens with Fabulous Thunderbirds. Nudity. Profanity. Lesbian Lust Chambers.  Oh yeah, that is the stuff of Cinesludge!


This one gets a lot of coverage on  the Cinesludge SLASHERS episode (here!) and is a handcrafted “throwback” slasher film that doesn’t just pay tribute to the genre, but picks up the very best parts of it and carries it high above it’s head…and then cracks you with it!!  I loved the film and you can find it on Amazon for under 10 dollars RIGHT NOW! Do it!

And finally…#1!!!

NEVER have I been so struck by a movie about a a legbreaker that stumbles over a jar containing an RageVortexEyeHavingBrainEmbryo and sets off rough sex, Bowflex sex, conversations about sex, conversations about violence, rampaging nudity, rampaging kung fu with nothing but a pizza pan (?) and did I mention SHANNON TWEED ON A BOWFLEX???  Ted Prior? Legend. Sandahl Bergman? Legend (listen to the podcast to learn about my exercise routine with her!) And holy sheep shit, it’s got Henry Silva saying “I LOVE BIMBOS!!!”
I’ve seen the “big” films from Fred Olen Ray, but this has sent me on a spree that will dominate my 2015. And not just Fred Olen Ray films, but the 90s sexploitation scene is now a full blown playground of cinematic excess. BY FAR my favorite new film of the year in the DZ canon.

And there you have it…  You can hear these discussed in much more depth (as well as reviews of two new Fred Olen Ray films, AFTER MIDNIGHT and CHRISTMAS IN PALM SPRINGS) by checking it out in the player above!  Happy viewing…and I can’t wait to get to 2015! Join The Twitching Brain EVIL MONK #1 (Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT) and the Rampaging Id EVIL MONK #2 (David Zuzelo of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN) as they combine into the Snark Free Voltron and celebrate the holidays with FRED OLEN RAY as he unleashes not just a new Christmas Film but a beautiful throwback to the Strippers In Peril genre, AFTER MIDNIGHT!  Then it’s time for the duo of HorrorDad dichotomy to unleash their TOP TEN films of the year. No simple list, this is the top 10 FIRST VIEWINGS, so nothing is off limits.  From Baseball Documentaries to Holiday Horrors to EyeFetal Anger Generators and Billy Clubs! 
A SUPER DOUBLE SIZED (almost) EPISODE OF TITANIC PROPORTIONS! It’s THE TOP O’ THE SLUDGE, baby…. we even brought the strippers!

Download. Share. Comment. We’ll see you in THE CINESLUDGE!

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