Girls At The Gynecologist – Report!!

Could there be a more bizarre setting for a Report film than the workaday case log of a German gynecologist in the 70s?  Not if Ernst Hofbauer has anything to say about it!  From the lives of parents trying to understand how their daughters have developed strange fevers (“It’s the clap, doc!”) and frigid girls that are dealing with trauma, all will be exposed.
And that isn’t all…gents, if you have no experience with the inner workings of the ladies in your life, this film can change that.  Not sure it is a plus really, but interesting nevertheless!  I highly recommend this film for Reporters.
Here are the swinging English credits, some lobby cards and more!

Christina Lindberg – A Flat Cameo in Naughty Co-Eds

Continuing my vigorous REPORT reportage, I started watching Schulmädchen-Report #8 the other night. The English dubbed edition is NAUGHTY CO-EDS and I was really surprised to find another Christina Lindberg appearance in the series (after he mind blowing sequence in #4).  But if there is one thing nobody could call the lovely Lindberg it would be FLAT.
Not so here…watch as her POSTER gets some action.  I couldn’t find the exact same image to match up with the scene, but here is another from the same series!

This was a really cool find… I’m hoping to find more such connections as I go along in REPORTville.