Once More I’m On Cecilia! PLUS…VOKES in the ZOMBIE POOL!

Just one more little tidbit on Cecilia from Blue Underground to follow up. The Eurocine website lists the film here. They list the film as directed by Jess Franco-so perhaps this is where the composite versus original film listing began.

Now then, to continue the Eurocine Art Archive in a whole new direction…uber artist Neil Vokes of The Black Forest, Wicked West, Eagle, Spider-Man and Ninjak fame sat down to watch the always welcome ZOMBIE LAKE. While he was more than a tad underwhelmed he did a quick Christmas sketch for Bruce Holecheck. Bruce is now the proud owner of ZOMBIE POOL!


My Thanks… YOR Thanks!! Visions Of Yor

Thanksgiving! Always a favorite holiday, and so much to be thankful for. Kids? Check…amazing every minute of every day! Family? Wonderful-all ready for the Turkey Dinner. Blogging? Hey, I even had a real life person come and visit me at SuperMegaFest. Fantastic.
And friends? Oh yes… I’m thrilled to see everyone doing so well.
And of course…I have to give thanks for YOR-HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE. I have my copy ready for Turkey Day viewing. Can. Not. Wait.
But it doesn’t stop there. I’m a lucky fella-I have several incredibly talented friends and not only do they tolerate my…well, eccentric nature-but they even inspire me with these visions of YOR.
Check ’em out and have a great Thanksgiving.

First we have Neil Vokes doing an amazing action pose in classic Reb Brown mode. I love this… it looks like a fantastic large panel that leads into an incredible two page splash of Yor beating down dinosaurs AND John Steiner’s RoboFlunkies.

Oh man… I’m a big fan of Ade’s work. This is a quick sketch that just POPS off the page with his distinct style. Tons of depth and Yor looks like he will stomp and stab you silly. If you are from the darkest past…BEWARE! If you think you are coming from the future to dominate Yor and his friends…RUN! This guy will kick your ass! Adrian Salmon presents…YOR-THE DOMINATOR!

And of course…the infamous YOR joke ad. I fell for it of course, because I just love YOR. Click it for the big version and don’t you just NEED to see Neil take on a real Yorian tale? I sure would!

Werewolves And The Blind Dead by Neil Vokes

I was scanning up the original Neil Vokes artwork from Ascension Of The Blind Dead for comicartfans.com this week, and I think it is so great it deserves posting here as well. Neil not only provided this fantastic artwork for my story, he included some cool roughs and work sheets. So, as with Belinsky’s great Eurocine proposals-I present another fantastic artist’s process. I love the way the tiny little drawing fleshes out, and I’m especially fond of the second rough drawing. My somewhat evil Werewolf Woman looks amazing in this draft, truly Vokesian. I left the scans fairly large, so click and dig into the details.
Sometime soon I’ll hopefully be able to present The Claws Of Frankenstein Island as well.
Enjoy this little thing I call The Progression To Ascension Of The Blind Dead. And don’t forget you can see tons of great Vokes art at EAGLE LIVES! And if you want to really see some amazing swag, you should check out Neil’s entries at ComicArtFans.com. Follow the link and tap VOKES into the search box. Monsters and Maidens await.

Wicked West 2 Chat! Eurotrash Comics Paradise

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/18) I’ll be helping to run a day long discussion of The Bob Tinnell, Todd Livingston and Neil Vokes book THE WICKED WEST 2-ABOMINATION at the Eurotrash Paradise. Any readers here should enjoy the discussion as the creators will be on hand and hopefully we will be discussing not only this fantastic book (hey, it features Rosalba Neri AND Paul Naschy) but other books that could be of interest to Italian Horror and Western fans. Check it out and post away. The ETP is a great place to hang with lots of folks ranging from authors to fanzine editors of days gone by to guys like me. Trash fiends looking for any fix they can find!

Join, post…and have fun! Hope to see you all there.

Mario Bava Box Bonanza!!

While hunting for a good price on Mario Bava Box 2 (and you can read the specs for this one at Mario Bava Biographer Tim Lucas’ Video Watchblog here) I stumbled over a sale at DeepDiscount.com for Anchor Bay titles.
Being a cheapassDVD buyer these days I was shocked to see that you could put together a fantastic deal on the Bava sets if you act quickly!
Here is the sale:

Now you can snag Bava Box 1 for $22.87, Box 2 (8 films with 2 versions of Rabid Dogs) for $30.18 AND you can add a bonus disc for FREE! I’d recommend getting ERIK THE CONQUERER!

While I can’t afford to get Tim Lucas’ Bava book – my new daughter weighs less than that tome, but requires clothing and food – this is an amazing deal to see the works of one of Italian Cinema’s finest filmmakers in action.

Speaking of the Bava book, look at how happy it made our man Neil Vokes. I figure if he had a little whiskey and Irish stew in him something very naughty might happen next! Sweet sweet lovin’, sweet sweet indeed.

Summer Vacation and the Wicked Wicked West!

It is that time of the year again as we pack the kids and hit the beach. While away I’ll be attending this years EUROTRASH PARADISE WORLD CONVENTION 4(!!). A long hot few weeks at the beach with a sidetrack of all night trash marathons, beer and even a genuine convention this year should be just what the Awful Dr. Orlof ordered!

I wanted to leave something cool hanging (see above) as a “gone fishin'” sign, and it certainly popped up. Eurotrash Paradise charter member Neil Vokes has done up a series of sketches for various members of the ETP to go hand in hand with an upcoming discussion of THE WICKED WEST 2, the best Spaghetti Guns n’ Horror comic in recent memory. Now YOU can own a similar package. The book is covered here on my blog (which includes a nice scan of THE PAGE!!) and is a must for anyone that loves Eurohorror and westerns. If you buy now from Neil you will also receive a personal sketch. Now, this isn’t just a doodle folks, but a nice piece of artwork. The price for the book (which is 15.99 retail) and the art is $40.00 and interested buyers can contact Neil directly at ndv45@comcast.net. Here are some samples…Some truly iconic stuff here!

Be well and stay cool my friends…see you all for more Thriller stuff (yes, there is more), and lots of other fun swag upon my return.

Claws Of Frankenstein Island!

Just a quick weekend share-I’m delighted to have the artwork for my next story, THE CLAWS OF FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND. Neil Vokes (of Eagle, Wicked West, Black Forest and much much more fame) not only took my idea, but expanded it so far over the top it makes me want to go further as well. A harrowing tale of survival for a troupe of female wrestlers stranded on an island where nature has gone berserk. But nature may not be their worst enemy… a diabolical necro-scientist lurks deep in the hills of the supposedly deserted island. And he loves to build deadly toys…that kill!

Look for it soon-but for now enjoy the amazing Vokes artwork!
Be sure to check out Neil’s YAHOO GROUP as well as the EAGLE BLOG for more.