Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Lady Frankenstein

A crazy stomach virus attacked my home this weekend…after everyone else was in bed I needed some healing of the Eurotrash Cinema variety.  I popped in the Steve Carver/Joe D’Amato film THE ARENA and had a blast seeing this for the first time.  While a g-string clad (and well oiled) Pam Grier was restoring my vigor, what REALLY made me smile was to see SARA BAY listed in the credits. Yes indeed, Rosalba Neri as the taskmistress that isn’t afraid to take off her chain link belt to a servant is a classic. 
And that brings me to Lady Frankenstein-one of my favorite Rosalba Neri performances. 
Monster. Neri. Lady Frankenstein. A classic!


Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Bacanais na Ilha das Ninfetas

Eurotrash Icon Oswaldo de Oliveira did a pair of Women In Prison films in 1981/82 that got excellent US DVD releases as BARE BEHIND BARS (a real favorite of mine) and AMAZON JAIL. I had no idea there was a third starring Zilda Mayo called Bacanais na Ilha das Ninfetas.  Yep, evil wardress…nude frolics…it is all there. But no matter how great and outrageous the more known films are, they don’t have Crotch Coiffure!
Wow!  What a great European Trash Cinema moment even though it is from South America….  And while this is going on the various guards and thugs are getting bossed around! Just surreal and oddly brilliant. 


Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Exorcism / Sadist of Notre Dame

The filmography of Jess Franco could provide plenty of favorite European Trash Cinema images, but one of my favorite of his films features the director himself as a troubled (alright, that may put it mildly) excommunicated priest acting out his bizarre and sadistic fantasies entitled Exorcism (and later re-edited in to The Sadist of Notre Dame / Demoniac).  A look both backwards and forwards for Franco, this was where his work with Robert De Nesle ended and he returned to Eurocine full of the kind of piss and vinegar that would spark an incredibly rampant period of production that would have Franco going from leather clubs to women’s prisons (where shirts are not allowed!), in to the wilds of The Most Dangerous Game and much much more!
Sometimes weird, sometimes groovy and more than a little bizarre, this image of Jess Franco as Vogel  and Monica Swinn is a perfect encapsulation of one of Franco’s most re-edited film, and one of his best.


Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Matalo!

I could not get a solid screen grab of Lou Castel whipping around his Spaghetti Western Boomerang from the amazingly cool Psychedelic film MATALO from the Wild East DVD no matter how hard I tried, but I have to include this as one of my favorite images.  Matalo is a film I find fascinating and engrossing every time I see it, and could play host to at least a dozen of my favorite images (Claudia Gravy plays an incredible femme fatale!), so check out the bottom corner of this lobby card and there it is! 
Boomerangs, Fuzzbox Guitars and director Cesare Canevari (Gestapo’s Last Orgy) going berserk with his strange visions of some kind of Killer Hippy Wild West all combine for one of the strangest Westerns ever…MATALO!

Never seen the film?  Check out this trailer and you will need it!

Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Ilsa, The Wicked Warden


The return of my favorite European Trash Cinema Images! Today we have a nifty bit of business from Jess Franco’s Women In Prison epic Ilsa / Wanda / Greta, The Wicked Warden.  One of Jess’ scuzziest for sure, there are many stand out sequences.  But for me, the bit with Dyanne Thorne and Lina Romay engaging in pin cushion play is just amazing. While the special effect is simple (Lina has ample bosom to cover the little strip of tape holding those pins up), the effect on me is very strong.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-over the course of Lina Romay’s career she has impressed me with both her acting and her exhibitionism-this one combines both.  Watch for Thorne over acting beyond belief, but with hands trembling she applies the pins and Lina gives a great silent performance.  The doll head in the foreground is a nice Franco touch and reminds me of the title of one of his better later films, Broken Dolls.  In many ways, that summarizes the Franco vibe, his beautiful women are usually broken in some way-be they vampires or stupid spies or prison stool pigeons.  A great scene.


Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Frankenstein ’80

Xiro Papas is my favorite cheap stitched together Frankenstein monster of all time and the infamous “bone to pick” sequence of Frankenstein ’80 is a classic.  The film doesn’t really make any sense, but it is a trash classic.  Not only do we have the one and only MOSIAC(O), but Gordon Mitchell sports the wackiest hair of his career and a little mustache to boot!

Utterly trashy, utterly entertaining and one of my all time favorite images in European Trash Cinema history…beware the bone!!