Zombie Lake – The Cannes 1981 Mention

I love little bits on ZOMBIE LAKE!  Here is a brief mention and image from Cine Eros Star #6.  The last paragraph seems to really highlight how AWESOME ZL is.  I never get bored with finding more mentions of one of the cinematic sludge elite–ZOMBIE LAKE!

Click to expand the image and bask in THE LAKE!
Your Humble Blogger LIVES in Zombie Lake!!!

Lina Romay Casual (un) Dress Friday-Exorcism On A Macumba Trip

Another Friday…another LINA ROMAY CASUAL (un)DRESS FRIDAY!  Today we have some hot n’ spicy Exorcism stirred with a few bites of Candy…Coster that is.  Enjoy!

And then…we go island hopping with the bizarre MACUMBA SEXUAL

Lina Romay Casual (un) Dress Friday!

Some days I wake up and think happy thoughts as I say good morning and go for the coffee pot. And today I woke up and had a sliver of a Lina Romay fantasy slip back in to my subconscious.  It happens…
But I could not keep all that love o’ Lina for myself, so I decided to share some with you!  And you back there…  and hey you, turn around while you do that!

Enjoy!  You can read my tribute to Lina Romay at this post from last year, ENTHRALLED BY THE BARE BREASTED COUNTESS.  The short version is that I really enjoy seeing Lina, a beautiful woman that can do comedy, drama and horror with equal vigor-not to mention women and men!  A beautiful inmate in a penitentiary of penal pain! A Dark Countess bathing in blood!  Be she criminal, cad, detective, dancer, singer, sweetheart of sadist…Lina Romay is up to the challenge.


Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Exorcism / Sadist of Notre Dame

The filmography of Jess Franco could provide plenty of favorite European Trash Cinema images, but one of my favorite of his films features the director himself as a troubled (alright, that may put it mildly) excommunicated priest acting out his bizarre and sadistic fantasies entitled Exorcism (and later re-edited in to The Sadist of Notre Dame / Demoniac).  A look both backwards and forwards for Franco, this was where his work with Robert De Nesle ended and he returned to Eurocine full of the kind of piss and vinegar that would spark an incredibly rampant period of production that would have Franco going from leather clubs to women’s prisons (where shirts are not allowed!), in to the wilds of The Most Dangerous Game and much much more!
Sometimes weird, sometimes groovy and more than a little bizarre, this image of Jess Franco as Vogel  and Monica Swinn is a perfect encapsulation of one of Franco’s most re-edited film, and one of his best.


Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Orloff and the Invisible APE??

Many moons ago I put together a little free server site called SadoManiacs in an attempt to pay tribute to the French production house Eurocine.  They gave us some amazing Jess Franco productions, they have released movies of all kinds…but nothing can rival this Pierre Chevalier entry in to the saga of Doctor Orloff for sheer jaw dropping thrills.  Loaded with pubic hair that could scrub your kitchen floor clean, catacomb creeping and good old Howard Vernon as the Doc, you just can’t deny that you won’t see the “invisible man” being exposed for what he is as a “simple” plot twist!  A vision of true European Trash Cinema, I proudly share my big furry friend…
Damn, I love him.

A Virgin Among The Living Dead…Red Mask Edition! UPDATED!

While doing my afternoon blog perusals I really enjoyed the post at Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience regarding the Rollin footage in A Virgin Among the Living Dead that was shot quickly and inserted by Eurocine.

These scenes hold a nostalgic place in my heart really, I hate them when I watch them in the film-and all the slowing down of footage really drives me nuts. But they are interesting and worth noting, because that version is present in what would become one of my favorite Franco films once a good proper edition found it’s way to me.

But yeah…I get a kick out of that footage. But what is even odder to me is the orgy sequence that is in some prints, though not in the US “Virgin” edition.

Enter…Pioneer Entertainments Japanese DVD. A truly WEIRD edition of the film, it contains a great print of Christina, but adds in the orgy sequence to the main film for some reason. So, no slow motion repeating of the same zombie knocking the same door of the same (non) hinges, but the orgy is right there! Also, it actually looks pretty good-though the rest of the film is in gorgeous widescreen, this sequence in full frame is interesting.
But it gets weirder…

Yep, the “Special Edition by Jean Rollin” is a complete print of the Virgin Among The Living Dead re-edit looking very nice in full frame. It does NOT have the orgy scene intact though? So…I’ve always assumed that bit was shot by Rollin. Am I right?

EDIT-Here is a page in French regarding the man that directed this sequence! Funnier still, the image of the charming lady is from one of my favorite Eurocine comedies…MEN FOR RENT which is reviewed here. Any translators around?