Paris Inconnu via Eugenie De Sade

On my umpteenth rewatch of Eugenie De Sade, courtesy of the lovely Blue Underground DVD, I was reminded of the EUROCINE ART ARCHIVE.
Not only do you have Soledad Miranda and Paul Muller in the funky fresh disguises of the century here, but you also are treated to a nice image touting the Pierre Chevalier film Unknown Paris / Paris Inconnu.


Once More I’m On Cecilia! PLUS…VOKES in the ZOMBIE POOL!

Just one more little tidbit on Cecilia from Blue Underground to follow up. The Eurocine website lists the film here. They list the film as directed by Jess Franco-so perhaps this is where the composite versus original film listing began.

Now then, to continue the Eurocine Art Archive in a whole new direction…uber artist Neil Vokes of The Black Forest, Wicked West, Eagle, Spider-Man and Ninjak fame sat down to watch the always welcome ZOMBIE LAKE. While he was more than a tad underwhelmed he did a quick Christmas sketch for Bruce Holecheck. Bruce is now the proud owner of ZOMBIE POOL!

Hitting a Plaut-Toe with Cecilia + Eurocine Art Archives

Back in this post I had wondered about the upcoming release of the Eurocine film CECILIA. That title is a splice job using footage from Jess Franco’s film Aberraciones Sexuales de una mujer casada and new footage shot by Claude Plaut (which is a pseudonym for Olivier Mathot, that name itself a pseudonym for Claude Plaud!). It does appear this is the cut and paste job, which I’m actually very excited for. What I found interesting was the first review I’ve located on the title over at the wonderful 10,000 Bullets site. Check it out… the film runs about 10 to 15 minutes to long and features scenes that are vintage Franco. Sounds like the standard cut and paste job from Eurocine. However, maybe I’m just warped, but I love to see these paste up variants, because not only does it get some of Eurocine’s charm popped on top, but the Franco footage is highlighted as being BETTER than the rest of the footage.

To add to the Eurocine Art Archive, here are the two faces of Cecilia!


The Eurocine Art Project expands yet again. First it was just about Constantin Belinsky, then… good old Eurocine poster art that sucked me in. Now, want lists! If only this concept of feeding my family did not apply, I’d love to do up nice special edition DVDs of several titles that aren’t available right now-and many of them are available through Eurocine! This first entry is a film I have yet to see, but looks very interesting. Apparently it is a flick with prostitutes and missing microfilm. Hey, with Pierre Chevalier at the helm and stars like Evelyne Scott, Alice Arno and Pamela Stanford it is a must see. And I’ve never seen it offered anyplace! So, number one with a bullet from my Eurocine Want List is PIGALLE, Carrefour des Illusions! DVD companies take note. I will buy ONE (1) copy! That is a sale for ya!

Pigalle, Carrefour des Illusions / La Ragazza di Pigalle / Pigalle, Crossways Of Illusion
1971 Celia Films/Eurocine
Directed by Pierre Chevalier
Music by Daniel White
Starring Evelyne Scott, Jean Michel-Dhermay, Beatrice Costantini , Alice Arno, Daniel White, Chantal Broquet and Pamela Stanford


A gang use a stip-tease artist on tour in Lebanon in order to smuggle a microfilm out of the country. As soon as the girl lands at Orly field, she is followed by the smugglers who want to get hold of the film. Counterspies make an unsuccessful attempt to trap the smugglers who stage a spectacular kidnapping right in the middle of Paris in order to get the girl, but she has not the film. During the performance of an erotic show in private, an agent makes contact with a friend of the girl. But when the poor girl goes home, she is beaten to death in her bathtub by a hood. Before dying, she is nevertheless able to tell where the secret agent’s gang is hiding out; it is an abandoned mansion…

Eurocine Art Archives – Ads Continued!

More ads for the weekend. The Manhunter ad is fantastic, but my favorite of the bunch is easily yet another Zombie Lake image. If you missed the earlier art post for that particular “J.A. Lazer” classic you can check it out here. Nice to see this little newspaper ad contains the credit for Jean Rollin. I’ll bet he was thrilled…
Have a groovy weekend and watch some Eurocine!

Eurocine Art Archives – Ads!

Time for more Eurocine Art Archiving with ad mats for your enjoyment. Click ’em for the big versions of course. Some Jess Franco and Paul Naschy, The Paris Sex Murders, A Pigalle thing that makes me wish this was a paperback cover and one really nifty Western. That one is particularly cool if you look at the two bits of art by Belinsky at this post. They used the rough version and did it with pictures!

Jess Franco by Belinsky and Jano!

I was talking to my friend Bob Sargent today and couldn’t help but jab him towards finally putting together the Jano book he has been wanting to create for as long as I’ve known him. Then I realized I could tie Jano in with my recent favorite artist, Belinsky, via the Jess Franco film Devil’s Island Lovers.
First we have the Belinsky-a censored version of which appeared on the Image DVD. Then, the Jano artwork. I like both quite a lot, the Jano one follows his montage approach really well. Belinsky goes a bit cleaner-but it works great.
The final picture is a somewhat ugly, yet oddly appealing, video box. No idea who did the art for that one, but the hands from the watery grave of the island’s captivity is far more horrific than I would have thought this film could have used to sell it.

Now then, if you dig the Jano art, go to the Eurotrash Paradise and bug the editor of Videooze for that book!!