Ascension of the Blind Dead!

Art by Billy George! Story and words by yours truly…ASCENSION OF THE BLIND DEAD!  Don’t forget to pick up your copy of ZOMBIE TERRORS today!


Blind Dead! Vacation! Werewolf Action! GO!

Another year, another vacation for me…just a short hop, but I wanted to leave something cool up here.  I’m really excited to see ASCENSION OF THE BLIND DEAD getting unleashed in the upcoming ZOMBNIBUS from Asylum Press entitled ZOMBIE TERRORS!  With artwork by the one and only Billy George of Ruined Earth-this story will pop out your eyes, toss them down a werewolf woman’s throat, she’ll spit ’em out in to the face of an Undead Templar and they you’ll have to squeeze the pulp back in with the hope that your psyche will recover!
That is if the Blind Dead don’t steal that gooey eye pulp.

Update…check out THIS version of the cover!  Re-De-Skinned Templars!!

But the fun doesn’t stop there!  No sir…ya see, Zombie Terrors is loaded with some amazing creators and artwork. Look at the preview…go ahead.

See, I told you!  I’m a fan of Szymon Kudranski and that stuff looks damn wild.  Never mind that it is published and features work by the one and only Frank Forte.  I’ve spent a good amount of time reading the stuff he’s written and drawn (is there really any better guy with a gun that has a giant stinger thing on his head than Warlash?)-pretty damn cool. There is a hopping vampire story!!  Wow.  Yep, we need that.  And then, to top it off…Tim Vigil. Now, say what you will, the guy draws horror like nobody else. New Tim Vigil? Happy Halloween!!

Overall, this looks like a great book and I’m thrilled to be a part of “and many more…” as well as a reader.
Amazon has it for a nice discount right here, or you can order from the publisher.  Be sure to send them a shout out that YOU love The Blind Dead and are chomping at the bit to see them ravage the earth!  I have a few crazy ideas you might enjoy… 

THEY CAN SENSE THE RHYTHM OF YOUR BLOOD…and this Halloween, you can read them under the covers with a flashlight!

Enjoy the weather and see everyone once I get back from the beach!!  Hopefully The Ghost Galleon is docked and waiting for me…