Join The Twitching Brain EVIL MONK #1 (Dan Taylor of EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT) and the Rampaging Id EVIL MONK #2 (David Zuzelo of TOMB IT MAY CONCERN) as they combine into the Snark Free Voltron and celebrate the holidays with FRED OLEN RAY as he unleashes not just a new Christmas Film but a beautiful throwback to the Strippers In Peril genre, AFTER MIDNIGHT!  Then it’s time for the duo of HorrorDad dichotomy to unleash their TOP TEN films of the year. No simple list, this is the top 10 FIRST VIEWINGS, so nothing is off limits.  From Baseball Documentaries to Holiday Horrors to EyeFetal Anger Generators and Billy Clubs! 
A SUPER DOUBLE SIZED (almost) EPISODE OF TITANIC PROPORTIONS! It’s THE TOP O’ THE SLUDGE, baby…. we even brought the strippers!

Download. Share. Comment. We’ll see you in THE CINESLUDGE!


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