Halloween Horrors 8 – SCREAM PARK

I’m sending you over to my review of the recent slasher film, SCREAM PARK, which is now up on the EXPLOITATION RETRO blog.  I’ll be adding several HH entries over the month I hope, and while you are there, be sure to click around for more excellent material.

Since the piece is text only, here are some SCREAM PARK IMAGES for your delight!

Doug Bradley has a great, although short, appearance and strikes a familiar pose!

You know, when you put a gun on the table in a play, it must be fired. When you put this top in a slasher….
 Nivek Ogre of SKINNY PUPPY and REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA plays the plague mask clad killer…  And check out his “dented tin can” buddy! 


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