Je brûle de partout – Jess Franco is burning up all over!

Now HERE is a fun little fast n’ dirty Jess Franco film I’ve never seen!   Je brûle de partout (I’m burning up for you) features disco scenes, kidnapped rich girls, aphrodisiac smoke being pumped into rooms full of women and then…more disco!  There is even a little plot twist that has the beautiful Susan Hemingway turning out to be the daughter of the depraved ring leader (who feels bad AFTER stumbling in to his daughter of course), AND we have the awesome Brigitte Lahaie as an evil LORNA as well. 

While I couldn’t follow the dialog, only in French, the Franco funk is on show with a Blue Rita-esque (with zero style points) sex gas angle blending in with copious sensual sequences.  My favorite Franco dick, Al Pereira, is on the hunt for the kidnapped girl, but I can’t say I liked Jean Ferrere in the role very much. Thankfully it’s limited, but it is there to keep conceptual continuity I guess. First up, here is the opening scene for you to enjoy  Not only is it full of groovy disco, but this film has SPOKEN credits, done in a male/female tandem that is just superbly amusing. Talk about saving your pennies!  Dig it!

They mangle up the Franco pseudonym as well, but so it goes…  While there is no calling this quick film an essential key in Franco understanding, it definitely is worthwhile for the hardcore fan with some nifty music and the sex film vibe of Franco!  Bonus.  ZOOooooooOOOOM to black!
And just as interesting as the spoken word credits is this SPOKEN WORD TRAILER!  Talk about talking the crowd into the seats.  I mean, there is a lot of sex in the movie, but they could have found something to show!
So, are YOU ready for a Francoriffic ride into sensual scarcity?  Then grab yourself a copy of this and enjoy!

And a bonus for anyone that scrolled down this far (My fellow Franco Fiends…)  Here is what happens when you give Franco a girl, a mirror and some old school VHS FUNK!!

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