Midnight Party – Edition Tonfilm DVD quick look

Check out this “Damaged VHS” cover for the Edition Tonfilm release of MIDNIGHT PARTY!  A quick look has the film playing at 90 minutes and 5 seconds with 25 seconds of play out music over a black screen.  I love the theater play out inclusions.  The film is one of Franco’s best (and most remixed and reshaped) sex films in my opinion, and I’m looking forward to settling in with the DVD this weekend.  You can purchase this at DIABOLIK DVD by clicking here:  I WANT TO GO TO THE MIDNIGHT PARTY WHERE THE GIRLS ARE SWEET AND THE SEX FLOWS WITH ZOOMS!  

The disc is PAL and Region 2 with English, German and French audio.  Here are the menu sets and some images.  Lina looks beautiful in this and the final masturbation with a wink and knowing nod is one of her sexiest moments in the Francoverse!

More soon….

There is also a shorter (74 minute) German language version (that is different from the start) and the quality is surprisingly good…  


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