Les nuits brûlantes de Linda…Lina Romay crops!

Les nuits brûlantes de Linda is one of the best “multi-version” Jess Franco films in my opinion.  Celebrating all the sides of Lina Romay brought me to this clip from the “hotter” version of the film that has Lina helping out Pierre Taylou…with a riding crop!!

What I like about this sequence is that it really captures the strange sexual mania that permeates lots of Franco’s films.  Lina goes from comforting the lashed and beaten Abdul (who gets to play across from Alice Arno and Lina Romay here…lucky Pierre indeed!) to teasing and taunting with her body. 
Nobody in the film is particularly sane, but when Franco wanted a wanton woman-he brought out the best… and that would be Lina Romay.


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