It’s that time again…what did I watch in January you may ask?  Maybe not, but I’ll tell you anyway.  The standout of the month is tied between German Report Film Mania and watching all of the first two seasons of Transformers with my son and capping it off with the movie (where…well, lots of robots die!)  Great fun!

 The Prey   5
2019 After The Fall of New York 10
 Caligula and Messalina 7

Violent Shit 4.0 Karl The Butcher vs. Axe  8
Schoolgirl Report 1 7
Schoolgirl Report 2 7
Schoolgirl Report 3 8
Schoolgirl Report 4 9
Schoolgirl Report 5 7
Schoolgirl Report 6 7
Schoolgirl Report 7  7
Nightmare on Elm Street 2010  5
Transformers The Movie 10
Girls At The Gynecologist 8
Centurion 8
The Graves 5
Priest 6
Swinging Wives 9
Fly Me 8

Exotic Malice / Sesso Nero 9
Hausfrauen Report 1 6
Covergirl Models 7


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