Cyborg Director’s Cut is NOW available!

I was thrilled for all the denizens of the Pyuniverse today!  Opening up my email and finding the following is pretty exciting.  I posted a clip of the quality on the release, so definitely keep in mind you are watching a time coded telecine from a long way back, that has sat on VHS for decades before you leap in and expect a “restored” film. This is an exciting opportunity to sit back and check out what one of Albert Pyun’s most recognized films would have been like if he had retained control over the final cut. 
I can’t wait!

Here is the email from Curnan Pictures…

Hello from Curnan Pictures
CYBORG: Director’s Cut is an All Region DVD from a tape from a work print of the director’s cut telecined in 1988.  It’s like looking over the director’s shoulder. It is rough and picture quality does not warrant a blu-ray unless you want blu-ray for its durability (add $10.00 to the cost for Blu-ray, but we do not recommend it.)
The cost is for Albert Pyun’s autograph, a DVD case set with the new low budget feature BULLTETFACE also with Tony Riparetti’s soundtrack (on the cut, not a separate soundtrack).  A low-budget crime noir thriller with horror elements, it is Pyun’s most recent release. CYBORG:DC is a free extra.
This is not a studio release and is only suitable for diehard Cyborg fans who want Albert’s director’s cut. If you have any doubts about owning this film, then please DO NOT PURCHASE.  We cannot handle returns unless the DVD is defective.
Before you decide to purchase, check out the intro
COST   To US                         $25.00. includes shipping
           To Canada                     $26.00  includes shipping
To International destinations    $30.00  includes shipping
   For Blu-ray       add               $10.00
*We cannot offer expedited shipping.
Click on the link below and fill in the correct amount for your destination. Include your name and address and the personal message you want from Albert Pyun.
Be sure to fill in the correct amount to your destination.
After giving it a lot of thought, Albert has decided not to include his commentary on his director’s cut because it’s still too controversial. He wants this offering to be about the movie.  The commentary will come later…fully loaded
Thank you from Curnan Pictures.
 And here is the opening sequence. CRANK IT UP!

CYBORG – DIRECTOR’S CUT – FIRST 3:40 from Albert Pyun on Vimeo.


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