Eagle Original Adventures Volume 1–Preorder NOW!

It is coming! And from one of my favorite publishers, MOONSTONE!  However, I’ve noticed a few odd things. It is vital that a certain, extremely realistic, threshold be passed for pre-orders for the book to be printed.  There are a few links such as WESTFIELD COMICS and HEAVY INK that are offering it.  However, some of the big companies such as Mile High Comics and MyComicShop.com do NOT have it on site.  Stranger still, there is no mention of it on Moonstone’s own page!  The pre-order is underway and it is Diamond code MAR111192.  Order it at your local shop by number, or ask your favorite online retailer for it by name and code.  Do it now…I promise you will not be disappointed by this volume. It collects the first 6 issues of the original series and contains a few nifty bonus items from the Vokes archives!!  And there is my favorite Skull Faced Avatar of Agression, DEATH’S HEAD / DEATH’S DARK ANGEL…right there on the cover. 

Be sure to let retailers know you want EAGLE.  Because I’ve seen some of the new material, and this will pave the way for you getting to gawk at the Kung Fu and Mystic Magic of Vokes all the sooner!


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