Anna Kanakis Casual (un)Dress Friday

I’ve been revisiting some old favorites lately, and every time I think of the awesomeness of 2019:After The Fall of New York I can’t help but think to myself the following.
“Man, Anna Kanakis would be a good candidate for Casual (un)Dress Friday…make it so.”



3 thoughts on “Anna Kanakis Casual (un)Dress Friday

  1. Man- the 1st and the last pics floor me! (Imagine coming home and have that last pic waiting in your favorite chair… *boingggg*) All of them are pretty great!

    As you know, I am an admirer of the perfect nose (like Udo in FLESH FOR FRANK…) and, next to my wife and Helga Line, Miss Kanakis is at the top!


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