Mighty Samson #1

I was going to review the new MIGHTY SAMSON revival from Dark Horse…but I just can’t do it.  The book isn’t bad exactly, but hardly captures the spirit of adventure that Otto Binder and Frank Thorne imbued the character with in it’s original run.  At least you get the first story of Mighty Samson, and I can’t recommend the Mighty Samson archives enough!  Volume 2 was released this week!

From the original Mighty Samson, the moment when Sharmaine and Mindor first join together in the underground fortress.  Samson has adventured mightily, saved the girl and is about to delve in to the super science of a the post apocalyptic world full of danger.  And now…

Sharmaine is all mean faced and spoiled, Samson is a douchebag and Mindor has neither super science OR a green monkey. Mighty Samson without random Green Monkeys?  Eh. It is alright, but these panels really show one series against the other.  


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