My favorite part of Halloween

I love the movies, the all to brief love for the horror genre that gets shown and the candy! But what I really love is the point in my life I’m at that lets me snap pictures like this.  My daughter LOVED the little ghosts dancing around the “spooooky” tree!
Not only that, but being part of the little ones first experiences are great.  My daughter loves M&Ms, and she was shocked to find her favorite little candies “haunted by Peanut Butter Ghosts!” when she tried her first Reese’s Pieces bite.   The little firsts make the day great.
Being a HorrorDad rocks. 


2 thoughts on “My favorite part of Halloween

  1. Isn't it great Billy, it is like getting to do a lot of things over. My daughter is the only 3 year old that goes to our farm share hoping to find Nosferatu, which is her term. Her poor PreK teacher asked me what she was talking about!


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