Casual (un)Dress Friday shall return!!

Friday…what is missing here? Hmm…OHHHH yeah. Casual (un)Dress Friday has been on Halloween Horrors (black) sabbatical.  Did you miss it. Well, to hold you over, here are just a few images you will find by clicking the official, super stupendous link to the collectionanation of you imagination, the archive that makes your temperature rise…CASUAL (un)DRESS FRIDAY!    Back with more horror reviews soon, somehow I’ve managed to get 5 films and 1 book behind…But I promise that all my writing time this month will give you something cool to read someday.  More on that later… and hey, there is one lady in here that has not had her own entry, and she is one of my favorites.  Someday. Soon!
So bring on the lovely ladies and have a great day!  Can you name them all?


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