I love to INSERT…DVD Inserts!!

I loved Laserdiscs.  Not only did you get a much better image than VHS, but HUGE artwork that a good designer could really make pop off the shelf.  And then there was DVD…smaller.  And now Blu Ray. SMALLER STILL!!!  But thanks to the recent Shout Factory booklets I realized that DVD did give us some really nifty inserts-something that slowed down over the years.
I keep ’em all…yep, I sell discs at a cheap price, but if I’m taking a loss on something I’m keeping the card. or booklet.  Well, unless yer a pal of course…but I have STACKS of these cards and I’m going to put some up this week for you to enjoy.
Some of the chapter names crack me up, the graphics picked range from funny to cool to downright excellent. The lobby cards of the 2000s, the DVD Chapter Card!!


6 thoughts on “I love to INSERT…DVD Inserts!!

  1. Too bad you're not where I am. The good people at Another World Entertainment enclose a four page booklet with most of their genre film releases. And they're usually written by, ahm, genre film aficionados. I've done three and I'm happy to report two of them were for Mattei films (Rats + Hell). xD.


  2. Great idea, I was just thinking the other day about how I took these for granted, now I get over-joyed if there's anything in there that isn't a catalog or comment card!


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