Sylva Koscina Casual (un)Dress Friday

She has been in Spys, Gialli and movies that feature lots of thigh (and other wonderful body bits!) Sylva Koscina is one of Italian Cinemas sexiest favorite faces…and she wants YOU to enjoy your weekend!!
Enjoy another Casual (un)Dress Friday!!


7 thoughts on “Sylva Koscina Casual (un)Dress Friday

  1. Beautiful, mature woman. I know that I have seen some of her movies – I looked her up on Imdb – , but her face doesn´t ring a bell. Okay, a good excuse to see Lisa and the Devil again 🙂

    I love the Casual (un)Dress Friday 🙂


  2. I first saw Sylva Koscina in the Dirk Bogarde starrer 'Hot Enough for June' – luminous and immediately likeable, she was the best thing about that movie.

    Awesome set of pictures. Elegant, alluring, utterly gorgeous.


  3. A man walks into a room,looks at a woman and remembers her for the rest of his life – Memorable quote from Sylva Koscina describing her somewhat shallow concept of beauty. She was a very beautiful woman and very graceful n sophisticated.


  4. “A man walks into a room, looks at a woman and remembers her for the rest of his life” – Remarkable n somewhat shallow minded quote by my favorite late Italian actress, the very beautiful, very graceful n very sophisticated Sylva Koscina (August 22 1933 – December 26 1994) describing her concept of a beautiful woman


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