They Call Her One…And MORE!! Christina Lindberg Day!

Yes indeed…just when you think you have seen it all, the Holecheck Archive arrives! Here are a few newspaper ads that are for re-issues of THEY CALL HER ONE EYE / THRILLER A CRUEL PICTURE. Click the link right there and it will open my archive on the film for you as well.  Incredible stuff, and be sure to thank Bruce by clicking through here and visiting his blog, CINEMA ARCANA!  You want to know what is coming on DVD and Blu Ray? This is where you go!

Ah, Swedish Vice-Girl. Now that is a title worthy of it’s own series of pulp novels.  A One Eyed Schoolgirl out for kicks and one more hit! I’d have her battle THE SENSUOUS COP along the way!
Bo Arne Vibenius would LOVE this banned in Sweden tagline!  Also, keeping a knife tucked in the crack of your ass seems a bit unwieldy, but it is a great image. 
Ultimate and Awesome…You get Christina pitched at the top and a great tagline with the Hookers Revenge title!  Not so sure I get THE FLATBACKER GIRL so much, but sure…
All this really makes me want to see the film cut up under these titles!  The Synapse yellow stripe edition is just a cut version of the full film and not a restoration of the original US released version, which I’ve never seen.  Anyone know if these are available ANYWHERE in that edition?

5 thoughts on “They Call Her One…And MORE!! Christina Lindberg Day!

  1. I'm actually surprised the SWEDISH VICE GIRL one looks okay — I took it with my cellphone a while back, haha. I'll have to try and do a proper scan sometime for the archives. I also have some cool MAID IN SWEDEN stuff for you, too.


  2. Hey Bruce, remember when you told me that you drew the line at collecting paper because you knew you'd be in trouble? I'd wager that you have some pretty cool stuff by now.


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