Riley Steele Casual (un)Dress Friday

I can’t lie…I have enjoyed everything I’ve seen by Alexandre Aja, and anything with killer creatures is on my radar. So, Piranha 3-D???  A must. Now I know that everyone love Kelly Brooke, but forget it…this is all about RILEY STEELE in 3-D.  Again, I can’t lie…I consider Ms. Steele a true lady that deserves what little “quality time” I have these days. 
Here is a little sample, industrious clickers can explore every nook, cranny, curve and crevice of this soon to be bursting off the screen starlet with a full blast Google search.  Do it alone (or with a helping hand if you can)-but for me, this is a big part of the summer event known as PIRANHA 3-D!

and Kelly Brook…yeah yeah…she is in Riley Steele 3-D…urr…Piranha 3-D too….

4 thoughts on “Riley Steele Casual (un)Dress Friday

  1. She's lovely isn't she? Her Digital Playground stuff is awesome and I was thrilled when Aja cast her in this…I hear Ashlynn Brooke is in it briefly as well. Seeing it tomorrow and I know I will love it as Aja is one of my favorites and it looks like a blast!


  2. She was awesome in Piranha, though the other girl has her beat looks-wise if you ask me.

    Gianna Michaels also has a small role – she's the topless para-glider who loses her legs.


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