Anulka Dziubinska Casual (un)Dress Friday

Is there any finer cinematic pleasure than the hot blooded, gore spattered rub a dub dub of the lesbian vampire film Vampyres?  This film is the Green Eggs And Ham of Sapphic Carnage, I’d eat it on a plane or a train, with a dish or an electrical soul wish… Jose Ramon Larraz is the swami of sensual slurping and he could not have recruited two more fantastic femmes to give flesh to the fantasy of what happens on an old out of the way road near an old out of the way manor.
While Marianne Morris carries the dark and stormy role well, for me this movie is all about the presence of Anulka.  The “ah…she is so pretty and seems so quiet…OH MY GOD SHE IS RIPPING MY THROAT OUT WITH HER TEETH..but boy she does have some nice…wait…IS THAT MY BLOOD ALL OVER THOSE??? Damn. Ah….” Miriam is a European Trash Cinema icon.
And she sure does make a Casual (un)Dress Friday a good way to spend the morning. ENJOY and you best protect ya neck (ya best protect ya neck…ya best protect ya neck…)


10 thoughts on “Anulka Dziubinska Casual (un)Dress Friday

  1. There are certain things in life that make me genuinely happy: 1) a 16oz of tap brew in a frosty glass payed for by a friend and poured for me by a beautiful, busty goddess… 2) a hot and steamy bowl of spicy as all hell ramen noodles pouring down my gullet… and 3) Anulka naked.


  2. I've always loved Anulka. She must have the distinction as the woman photographed with the most different colors of pubic hair – black to platinum and everything in between. And her bush is beautiful in any color.


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