Monica Zanchi gets Busy as Angie Bee — Bella Di Plastica

On last Friday’s Triple Threat Casual (un)Dress Friday I had a few images of the always amazing Monica Zanchi posted. Now, the best part of doing this is getting more information on some of the less known stars and starlets of Trash Cinema History from readers-and I would have never known that the naughty nun tempter from Sister Emmanuelle was once called Angie B. Pop sensation for a moment, I have to thank Peter in the comments at this post for some information.  

Here she is-the lovely Monica Zanchi belting out the pop tones!!

Peter has also made the video and MP3 available to those of us that obsessively NEED these, for which I’m eternally grateful! 

Also, thanks to Bruce Holecheck for pointing out that this single is available on Amazon.
Obsession. I must know more about Angie Bee!  And since we are here…a little more Monica Zanchi for the Aware Audience!!


6 thoughts on “Monica Zanchi gets Busy as Angie Bee — Bella Di Plastica

  1. Wow! I love this post. I am so in love with Monica. I love these caps from Sister Emanuelle. She's so incredibly hot. What a body. I had never heard her sing before. Thanks for posting that video.


  2. I had to do some caps (the top one is from Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals)…I figured I owed my Casual (un)Dress Fridays friends.
    Posts like this are the entire reason I have a blog. I had NO idea this existed, it was pointed out by a cool comment and WHAM…there is the mexican vinyl!


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