Cinzia De Carolis Casual (un)Dress Friday

I’m a big fan of Antonio Margheriti, and I still fondly remember getting to see the uncut version of Cannibal Apocalypse via Chas Balun with a lot of fondness.  The film has it all-even though it is probably not the best example of Margheriti’s work.  It has Gore! Saxon! “Just piss on it.” Tony King! John Morghen passing a bowling bowl sized shotgun blast through his stomach! Saw! AIEEEE…the saw! 
But it also had…John Saxon and the trampy Babysitter!  She just always stood out to me, it is such a weird little subplot that figures in to the film in a fun way in the end. 
One day a package arrived at my home…a tape marked LIBIDINE.  Good pal, and Videooze Pioneer, Bob Sargent told me I needed to see it.  Yep.  There was Cinzia De Carolis and Ajita Wilson AND Marina Hedman / Lothar…in a story about a crazed sex plot that involves an enhanced by science SNAKE?
Needless to say, Libidine enjoys a spot in my sleazetacular hall of fame…as does Cinzia De Carolis.  And check this out, these must have been promotional shots done around that time (ahem…hello snake!)  Enjoy!


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