Sunday Morning Demoni!

I spent last evening watching the newly released CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD / GATES OF HELL Blu Ray and it was truly an amazing experience. But, as always, when I watch a nice HD presentation of the greats of Eurosplat I keep wondering when I’ll see DEMONS on Blu Ray.  We need it.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Demoni!

  1. I don't know how far I would have stretched into Italian horror if it wasn't for Demons 2. I was like 8 when it came out. It was featured in Fangoria, and I sought it out. Couldn't find the first Demons forever because none of the sleazy video stores carried it/had a foreign section. So this started my great hunt for exploitation flicks etc. in various surrounding towns and started movie marathons to enjoy the fruits of my pillaging. Excellent!


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