Christina Lindberg Casual (un)Dress Friday

Casual (un)Dress Friday is upon us. Now, I’ll be honest…there is a lot of Christina Lindberg on this blog, but new readers may miss a lot of it since these posts are rather old. So, click the link on her name for more…and enjoy a nice Friday with one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.  You can read my bio of the lady from the Sex and Fury DVD right here as well.


11 thoughts on “Christina Lindberg Casual (un)Dress Friday

  1. David,
    There can never be enough of Christina! I picked up Sex and Fury from a local dvd store last year. Love it.
    Thanks for posting these photos.


  2. Oh my. I feel like I should be looking over my shoulder to make sure Mom isn't at my bedroom door.

    Very titilating post (I'm sorry, I couldn't help it!). Seriously though, I had only seen shots of Christina from Thriller. I never realized what a fox she was. I LOVE that picture of her with the scarf around her head. Bedroom eyes, indeed!


  3. dfordoom
    I agree about Sex and Fury.
    That fight sequence near the beginning where Reiko Ike is attacked while having a bath is excellent.

    By the way love your movie review blog, dfordoom.


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