Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Les Grandes Emmerdeuses

Seeing Tim (Monster! International) Paxton posting some Cine.Zine.Zone covers (wow!) on Facebook made me dig out the only issue I’ve ever found…Yep, FRANCO FILMO IV!  I wish I had more to peruse, but as I was packing this one to a new home I saw an image that immediately ranks as one of my favorite Eurotrash Cinema images!


Lina Lina Lina…as I was flipping through I knew right where it came from, the opening of Les Grandes Emmerdeuses! Lina starts off this oddball, though utterly impenetrable to my monolingual self, film by talking to the viewer with a “hello!” and away we go.  I’ve long thought of Lina as an actress that could, and would, do most anything, and comedy is no challenge for her.  The opening of the film, even though I can’t follow along, is a classic.
The screens are presented small since my copy is quite beat up, but for a better look, click the images!

Let’s take a peek in to Lina’s window and see what we can find.  I bet there is someone waiting to say…


After chatting us up, we meet Lina’s partner in crime-and many other things, Pamela Stanford.  Yes, Pamela Stanford with that CaaaRAZY hairdo!
See what I mean…CaaaRAZY!

The girls rub each other…they chat, but the scene just ends. And that is what is great about the Black and White image from Cine.Zine.Zone!  I wonder if this is included in different edits, or something captured by a still photographer on the scene?  I don’t care, it is great.  So….

And what post about this movie is complete without a topless woman in a cat mask chatting with Lina?

3 thoughts on “Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Les Grandes Emmerdeuses

  1. Must stand up…oops…must sit back down…;o)

    Ya know,Z,that one pic of Lina smiling and winking at us is one of the most beautiful images of her ever- i wish it was clearer-she's a babe,no doubt,and should have smiled more…;o)


  2. Yes indeed…I think it is tough, a lot of the Franco stuff that is more fanciful is not around in good quality nor in English many times. Lina can really do comedy and craziness as well as she can do..uh…well, keeping kitty clean.


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