Lamberto Bava’s Fantaghiro – ANIMATED

I’ve started my epic rewatch sessions of the Lamberto Bava TV series Fantaghiro and have about 900 minutes of swords, beautiful women, talking rocks, animated trees and much much more to enjoy.  But here is a mind bender…these popular shows spawned an ANIMATED series.  Here are episodes 4 and 12…in ENGLISH!


2 thoughts on “Lamberto Bava’s Fantaghiro – ANIMATED

  1. My pleasure…I'm prepping more Fantaghiro posts today actually. I wonder if there were any releases of this series. If you know the show and then watch episode 4 it is amazing how much they used from the Bava stories! The Rock, The Goose (and Goose Armor) and a lot more. No idea why they made the White Witch chubby though…


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