Janet Agren Casual (un)Dress Friday

This week has seen the arrival of City Of The Living Dead (always beloved as GATES OF HELL) on Blu Ray…and to celebrate we have a Friday morning with one of the starlets of this and many other European Trash Cinema classics, Janet Agren.  The lovely barmaid of Hands Of Steel is here to kick off a long weekend for my US readers…enjoy!!


11 thoughts on “Janet Agren Casual (un)Dress Friday

  1. Awesome, David! HANDS OF STEEL was one of the first (non spaghetti western) Italian genre films that I watched in the 80s! Do you know what she does now or even where she is? Has anybody interviewed her lately?


  2. Haha Dan, very true! I'm with ya Holger, my wife laughs when I start prepping this on Thursday nights, she loves Fridays around here.
    Jack, No idea what she is up to, but I honestly had no idea she was so famous prior to those films.
    Yep, Eaten Alive / Emerald Jungle is a classic, I have to check, but I think it is her in the infamous poster / LD cover. Also, there is a funny poster with a cartoon version of her as Doomed To Die.

    Hot lady…great filmography…long career!


  3. I thought I was familiar with most of the trash cinema eurobabes of that era, but I hadn't heard of her at all.

    Definitely makes the idea of taking up soccer a lot more attractive.


  4. If you guys wanna check her out then I'd say HANDS OF STEEL (aka Queruak) is definitely mandatory viewing! Also, if one is into Italo cinema and not least cool post-apocalypse flicks. She plays the lead (half robot/half human) guy's love interest.


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