Thank you Frank Frazetta -Luana The Jungle Girl

With the passing of Frank Frazetta it feels to me like several generations of fantasists and fantasizers are bidding farewell to a true inspiration. Others can write better about his work I’m sure-but I can only be thankful for his work that has entertained me since I was old enough to first encounter the Conan paperback covers. The artwork alone brought me to Robert E. Howard, and inspired me to read (and read and read until I needed glasses) and become a life long fan of the blend of fantasy and horror those novels presented.
Plus, there were lots of totally bitchin’ vans with Frazetta murals in my neighborhood.  Never could convince my father we needed to outfit the family wagon with Death Dealer sadly…

The best way I could celebrate Frazetta on my own blog is to give you one of his ties to European Trash Cinema!  Everyone loves a good cheap Italian Jungle Girl film right? Well, I do at least-and it is always cool to see the artwork for Luana la figlia della foresta vergine / Luana The Girl Tarzan!  Here are some uses of this amazing artwork that features a hyper version of Mei Chen, who appeared in Jean Rollin’s Le Voil du vampire that same year.  Gorgeous…

And here we have an adventurer, a headhunter, a monkey and LUANA!!

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