Deep Red #7

Going through book boxes is always fun for me…and after placing the Cannibal Book in it’s rightful place I almost immediately stumbled on this gem.  Deep Red #7 was released as a limited hardcover edition and I remember vividly getting it in the mail.  Chas. Balun was certainly important to me as a horror fan as well as someone that enjoys writing about the genres that I enjoy so much.  Right around this time it all came together at a FantaCo convention in Albany N.Y.
Sure Dario Argento was there to present Opera to an eager audience. Sure it was a ton of fun to meet all the different folks from the zine world that attended. But the king of them all was Chas. Balun. A giant of a man, a horror hippy and a voice that motivated me to realize it wasn’t what you knew about-it was how you share it.  After we talked for a bit he invited me to submit a piece on Lucio Fulci for what would become Deep Red Alert #2 sometime later…the amount of work he did with me on that little article (published as David Quinn for several odd reasons) was something I always cherished. 
Plus, the guy had insane letterhead.

So, this book holds a whole lot of significance for me…but it isn’t just a hardcover ‘zine from one of the greatest Editors/Horror fans of all time!  Nope, it has one of the coolest autographs I’ve ever received inside.  Steve Bissette sure knows how to sign a book right-and it makes this book even better and more unique in my small collection of items I’d never be able to part with. 

Click for full size scan


2 thoughts on “Deep Red #7

  1. Hell Yeah! That's one bitching issue of Deep Red. I've got it too here right next to me on the pile of reference stuff as I recently re read a few pieces after Balun passed. They just don't make 'em like that anymore do they!

    Great autograph too BTW.


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