Hong Kong LD Hot Harbour

After all that awesome Japanese Laserdiscing, I thought it might be fun to go a different route today and present some Hong Kong LDs. The first batch are HK films and are some of the ones I most wanted to see.  This Dr. Lamb contains the BOWEL CAKE line in the subtitles that I adore so much. Robotrix is just batshit bizarre. The HK LD of Story of Ricky must have fueled a zillion bootleggers pockets and features one of the coolest jackets ever in my opinion. 

My love of HK cinema, outside of endless loops of old school kung fu films on UHF and VHS tapes was all about having an LD player and riding the train into Boston Chinatown to rent, rip and return movies like this.  Sigh…I need to watch them all again sometime.  Stone Age Warriors is one I loved, but remember precious little of, barring that leap over the waterfall!  Enjoy…


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