Japanese Laser Discs 3

And here rounds out this weeks trilogy of Japanese LD sleeves!  The big brain one is for the cool (and unseen by me for at least 15 years…I should dig it out) Death Warmed Up.  If anyone has scans of the gatefold for Gates of Hell (with the film frame!) please pass it along-sniff, I don’t feel complete without it.  I hope you have all enjoyed looking at these as much as I have.
Tomorrow we finish a week of LD Mania with one more post.
Ah…look at the mad doc Freudstein, what a jacket!!!  They just don’t make ’em like any more!


3 thoughts on “Japanese Laser Discs 3

  1. Glad you enjoyed, I have a bunch more on the way, I have some stacks of LDs from HK that always bring me back to the format. Why TALK TO ME DICKIE is not on Criterion DVD to this day is stunning 🙂

    Thanks for the link on the Nemesis LD-outstanding read!


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