Japanese Laser Disc Fun 2

More Japanese LDs!  The Argento ones bring back many many fond memories-these were the source of most boots for a long time and were certainly treasured prizes!  I’ve never owned a Violent Breed disc, but I would really like to.  Good times…good times.  And speaking of Sight and Sound, if you want to see me blush (or at least imagine it)-you can go HERE and check through the old ilovelaser.com site. My 1999-2002 “blog” page was part news, part goofy humor and a whole lot of fun (for me probably more than anyone else!)–plus, without it I never would have met my wife!  “All the news that’s fit to upload” indeed!


4 thoughts on “Japanese Laser Disc Fun 2

  1. Yeah! Me as well… I was lucky to work in the LD retail biz, I unloaded a ton of imports during the last gasp of players actually being available and have a big load of them left. There are a few ones I'd never part with, but…well, a ton I would!

    That Dellamorte jacket is priceless in my opinion.


  2. That Dellamorte art was also the same that the guys at Laser Paradise used on their Red Edition release years ago on DVD… Makes on wonder about the source material… 😉


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