Japanese Laser Disc Fun

I worked for Sight and Sound (and Laser Exchange and Playback Trading), so I certainly spent a lot of time with Laserdisc.  I love the jackets and here are a few interesting ones from Japan to keep you smiling today!  Some of these discs would go for HUGE money in the late 90s-some still may!


5 thoughts on “Japanese Laser Disc Fun

  1. Ah the glory days of hunting out rarities, before Japanese VHS of course there was Japanese Laserdiscs 🙂 . Sight & Sound must have been a fantastic place to be during the heyday DZ. Kinda imagine you being the John Cusack character from High Fidelity, only immersed in movies rather than records.
    I wonder what Laserdiscs are rare & still worth a lot ?. I have a batch still of about three hundred odd with some infamous & outrageous titles. Cannibal Ferox with the Sick Bag, Roger Corman's Forbidden World (Love that Alien rip) all of the Lone Wolf & Cub movies. I must have a flick through what I do have sometime as some real rarities for sure. I know somewhere I have the Cynthia Khan, Dale Cook 1992 Post Nuke / Fu Flick Eternal Fist for instance. Is there any Laserdisc specialist left to check on these David ?.


  2. BB…you probably nailed it! I don't know if you ever read the old online “blog” I had at SS, but it certainly was something I liked doing a lot.
    LDs are weird, like Mike said, I have a ton of ones I'd happily get rid of, though a few keepers like the long version of Class of Nuke 'Em High that took forever to find. I see them go for good money on Ebay-but that means they are listed high. What they sell for…well, who knows? I will send you a few links and see if anything works for you, but I'm at the point of simply giving them out, framing a few jackets and getting my DVD Recorder on the final 10 or so.
    That said, I will always treasure my HK LD of TALK TO ME DICKIE (yes, the talking penis interrogation HK flick of the millenium!) and other little oddballs.


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