Lina Romay Casual (un) Dress Friday-Exorcism On A Macumba Trip

Another Friday…another LINA ROMAY CASUAL (un)DRESS FRIDAY!  Today we have some hot n’ spicy Exorcism stirred with a few bites of Candy…Coster that is.  Enjoy!

And then…we go island hopping with the bizarre MACUMBA SEXUAL

8 thoughts on “Lina Romay Casual (un) Dress Friday-Exorcism On A Macumba Trip

  1. EXORCISME is in my top 3 JF movies ever.
    Love it. A very personal film and Lina is at her most youthfl and ravishing as Anna.
    On the other hand, MACUMBA SEXUAL bores me, it comes from the least interesting period in JF's work.


  2. I think Exorcisme may be my favorite of all honestly. It just has something that amazes me on every viewing. The twisting and turning of alternate versions is a big help as well. Perfect for Franco obsessives!

    I also like Macumba, though that is probably as much for the presence of Ajita Wilson as the film proper. Plus, Lina on a camel 🙂


  3. Well, I can't decide what I like more – EXORCISME, EUGENIE DE SADE or VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD yet.
    I love EL SADICO DE NOTRE DAME also, but have yet to experience SEXORCISMES which hopefully isn't as dull as the XXX version of FEMALE VAMPIRE.
    I liked Ajita Wilson in SADOMANIA which has a lot more going for it in terms of superficial action compared to MACUMBA.


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