Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Slaughter Hotel

Nothing says EUROPEAN TRASH CINEMA like Klaus Kinski. In a white doctors coat. In a mental hospital loaded with nymphomaniacs. SURROUNDED BY MEDIEVAL WEAPONRY.  The joy that is Slaughter Hotel is never ending!

And a little bonus Klaus Kinski!
And how can you not love this collection of crazy nymphos with a suit of armor in the foreground?

10 thoughts on “Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Slaughter Hotel

  1. Strangely this is one of my favourite Kinski roles. Yes I know – he's in it for 5 seconds and has little to do. But the man's just so intence and groovy with that big tie knot, the hair, the cigarettes!
    There's a shot where he walks up close to the camera lens and his face turns into a sort of a skull mask because of shadows.
    An amazing film, if not a masterpiee in a traditional sense.


  2. Sorry it took me so long to read this post Z! My buddies and I used to rent the old ASYLUM EROTICA big box tape years and years ago when we would do our trash movie nights. I don't love the flick but between Rosalba, Monica Strebel as Hot Redhead Nurse and Klaus doing his “Hey I just stopped by on my way to make BLACK KILLER” hairdo I find myself watching it way more than I should! Chris's remark upon watching it for the first time? “Wow, I bet he was a handful.”


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