Tomb It May Concern runs for 4 and wants 4 more!

Tomb It May Concern is now four years old…amazing!  I find it funny that I still think of it as “the new thing” after starting up the Tomb Of DVD at Sight and Sound in 1998 and then bopping around the web for all these years, but it being “david-z” instead of a cool fancy URL is really satisfying for me.  Over 500 posts of stuff I like and I just hope there are others that enjoy these things.  That is a lot of material, and sometimes I wish that other bloggers I start to enjoy could tell me the best posts to read in their blog so I could start going through the backlog a little easier.  So, why don’t I do that…here a few of the things I’ve posted I like the most.

Thriller-A Cruel Picture / They Call Her One Eye Archive.  The Christina Lindberg archive is mostly included, though that is even larger and loaded with even more images of the beautiful lady outside of her most famous role.  My obsessive love of this movie has prompted me to post a lot of information on it. If you like the film, or just want to see the original dub script or hear all about the people that made it-here you go!

 Crustacean Domination part 1 and 2.  This series on Guy N. Smith and his Killer Crabs was a lot of fun. There is a revised and expanded version in the Crabs’ Fury graphic novel-and I’ll be sure to complete the trilogy of posts on line soon.  I love the Crabs…and these posts are full of that enthusiasm. Heck, looking at them gets me worked up to read the books again!

The Christina Lindberg biography contained on Panik House’s release of SEX AND FURY.  I loved writing it, I loved having the lovely Christina sign the disc and I’m glad to have it on the web.

Insurrection! is a crazy paperback tale and something I found completely by accident.  A total blast of utter incorrectness I had fun writing the review.  And then I heard from  Bill Brooks, a gentleman who knew the author of the weird little paperback-Dan Brennan.  And I got to post on the web a lot more about the author than I could find anywhere else right here.

It was very recent, but my review of THE JAIL directed by Bruno Mattei was a ton of fun to do and I hope it is a good read for Mattei fans that have not been able to see it yet.

And then there was the time I found THE ICEMAN novels by Joseph Nazel…I need to re-read that entire series.

Ah, lots more, but here are a few I particularly like, and for anyone that has not read them, I hope you get a kick out of what you find!  Most importantly…thank you for reading. I appreciate it and I’m looking forward to excavating another four years of fun!


5 thoughts on “Tomb It May Concern runs for 4 and wants 4 more!

  1. Whew! time doth flitter,don't it? Congrats,pal-
    I got curious and checked MY blog's start date and it was Jan. 8th,'08! So i just missed my OWN 2nd anniversary-lol- it seems like only yesterday…;o)


  2. Thanks gents-and yes indeed time flies. I remember the day I took over doing the print catalogs for Sight and Sound very well-and that was 12 years ago!
    The first time they put me in charge I did not know how to load a CD in to a computer. If only I'd known I would spend hours color balancing scans of Christina Lindberg…


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