Lina Romay Casual (un) Dress Friday!

Some days I wake up and think happy thoughts as I say good morning and go for the coffee pot. And today I woke up and had a sliver of a Lina Romay fantasy slip back in to my subconscious.  It happens…
But I could not keep all that love o’ Lina for myself, so I decided to share some with you!  And you back there…  and hey you, turn around while you do that!

Enjoy!  You can read my tribute to Lina Romay at this post from last year, ENTHRALLED BY THE BARE BREASTED COUNTESS.  The short version is that I really enjoy seeing Lina, a beautiful woman that can do comedy, drama and horror with equal vigor-not to mention women and men!  A beautiful inmate in a penitentiary of penal pain! A Dark Countess bathing in blood!  Be she criminal, cad, detective, dancer, singer, sweetheart of sadist…Lina Romay is up to the challenge.


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