Leandro Lucchetti…a week of European Trash Celebration

 While he could never be called an icon of Eurotrash cinema, Leandro Lucchetti has long held a spot in my heart as a guy with a short, yet mostly wonderfully trashy, filmography.  Be it the bizarre wheelchair zombie of Bloody Psycho, the tough talking heroine of Caged Women, the antics of Richard Roundtree in Getting Even or even the cheapjack action of Apocalypse Mercenaries-his name is always welcome on my screen!  This week I finally found and watched a copy of the staggeringly trashy “call to meditate” on A.I.D.S. drama, Web Of Silence-AIDS that slotted the final piece in to the Lucchetti puzzle.
Five films, one strange director-this week I’ll be looking at each of them and I think you’ll like what you see.

Slow Motion Waterfights, Evil Wardens, Plague Spreaders, Flame Throwers and some good old action await!


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