Morpho Just Got Kreativ ™

I was really pleased to receive a Kreativ Blogger award from Paul at the always awesome BALLISTIC BLOOD BULLETS…a good friend, my Tough To Kill Collaborator and a guy that always inspires me to watch things explode on my television screen.  And those exploding huts always make me think of Paul as the monarch of Castle Banzai-laughing and enjoying the same thrill of bashing bamboo to bits as our onscreen heroes.  Thank ya sir…
And then, another Kreativ Blogger Award arrived!  Thanks to Holger at Hammer and Beyond I’m blushing from all this attention!  You won’t find a better source of Hammer fun and a whole lot more-check it out!  Holger is also the Kingpin of Krimi at Eurotrash Paradise!
And hey…there is ANOTHER award that has landed at my virtual door, but I’ll do that as a separate post.  
So, what does THIS logo entail?  The rules are as follow…

These are rules associated with the award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.  Check…Check….
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.  Check…
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.  Check…
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.  Below the cool links…
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers. Done
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate. Done
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated-  On the way…

Seven great blogs?  Easy-I won’t link the ones that gave me the award, but they are above and would be on the list!

1. Ade Salmon Art – The homepage of artist extraordinaire Adrian Salmon, you can see some of his work on my blog, and keep up to date with all of his amazing feats of angular artistry at this amazing page.
2. That’s All, Vokes – another artist blog, Neil puts new art and works in progress up for you to enjoy!  Check out the Zombie Bomb story while you are there…
3. Maciste and Friends is an excellent images blog that features a ton of cool Peplum and adventure VHS covers. One of the spots I really hope updates while I have my morning coffee.
4. When the Vietnam War raged…in the Philippines – This EuroAction blog is an essential stop for anyone that loves movies with burning bamboo, exploding bad guys or always wanted to be that American guy that stayed behind, got fat and rich and runs a gambling casino in the ‘Nam.  I love it.
5. Giallo Fever – This is always an interesting blog, covering cool trash from a far more critical position than I usually take (though honestly, my take is based on “what explodes, how many breasts, is there a midget sidekick”)-and gets me thinking as well as shopping for movies I may have missed.
6. Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire – ALWAYS a fun stop for your morning trashy film information and reviews. Anyone that would give Mickey Hargitay an award for his over the top performance in Bloody Pit of Horror is my kind of person!
7.Ninja Dixon – Fred is a one of a kind guy…a Swedish Shinobi of Stunning Stealth, an action afficianado and an all around great guy. Also, he dances like nobody else could in Camp Slaughter.  Go to :35 seconds in to the trailer and you will believe!!


Now then, I don’t think I’m particularly intriguing, but here are the seven items I’ll put about myself.

-I traveled to Sweden to meet with Bo Arne Vibenius and assisted in purchasing the world wide rights to one of my favorite films, Thriller-A Cruel Picture.  I flew over first class and had, with the head of Chrome Entertainment, a LOT of Swedish Paper Currency in my socks.  Seriously. Socks.

-I am an at home dad and every day I make in to a Maciste like adventure to keep things fun for me and the kids. 

-This blog has over 500 posts, and after finding a bunch of files from my previous website I realized that I have written a lot of stuff about the movies I love.  I hope my kids read this someday and think I am a total geek.

-I never ever saw one penny from the Thriller/One Eye project, but did get scary threats from the director-whom I still really like and love his movies.  In related matters, this was the only time I’ve had an email signed “BOO-YAR!”

-I saw Dawn of the Dead in it’s first run, in a theater, at midnight…when I was 9!  Yeah… parental lesson learned.

-I met my wife in Oberlin, OH-a legendary place to any fanzine fan-and also met the master of MONSTER! himself that weekend, Tim Paxton.  Funny how much Eurotrash films have shaped my life.

-…and then she allowed me to have the entire score to Vampyros Lesbos play for our wedding reception.  Note, she would rather pull out her own eyeballs than watch a Jess Franco film.

Thanks for the award folks…and now everyone should go visit the awesome links and enjoy some European Trash Cinema!


3 thoughts on “Morpho Just Got Kreativ ™

  1. Mr Z, thanks so much 😀 You truly deserves your Kreativ-award, so keep doing a good job!

    Talking about Vibenius, he tries to sue swedish stores that sell Thriller now. A friend of mine got a call from the police, who tried to figure out what's going on!


  2. And thank you Fred, I love your blog and I think you stand tall as a great example of why the movie scene is so cool.

    Wow, I will always be a fan of Bo and all, but he really needs to chill out. Interestingly, I asked Christina about the “stunt show” that Vibenius told us about-she wasn't there I guess, but I'm assuming that Lars Lundgren was. Someday we really should do a book.
    Also, I'm going to take all my Thriller/Breaking Point stuff and submit it as a large article for a magazine, I imagine that the Swedish Police will be calling me asking who Alex Fridolinski is!


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