Christina Lindberg goes to Munich!

In another one of those European Trash Cinema Synergy moments, I viewed Christina Lindberg’s scenes from the Walter Boos film Madchen, di nach Munchen kommen / Sex At The Olympics and realized two things.  Christina Lindberg is always beautiful  regardless of the situation of the film she appears in and that Walter Boos and the producers of this film owe me a pair of pants. The ones I was wearing are showing severe wear around the zipper region due to “pneumatic stress syndrome” because I viewed Sex At The Olympics without proper preparation.  I should know better, but a warning might have been nice. 
So, I watch this film and find that Lon Huber has posted some AMAZING scans from Continental Film Review on his site, The Old Dark Arthouse.  At the top of this post is the pages related to this film.  What follows is my “lets take a screencap of Christina” session that spiraled out of control! 
Well, you can never have enough Christina Lindberg…enjoy!  Click for bigger scans of course, and thanks again to Lon for these scans, go to his blog and poke around the newstand. Just bring a lunchbox and a few extra wet naps!

Yeah…been there pal.
I just love this picture…tsk tsk boys.

12 thoughts on “Christina Lindberg goes to Munich!

  1. Wow! I'm suffering from some PSS now too! Thank you thank you thank you!!

    I have a new desktop wallpaper… luckily, my wife is a fan of Christina and her chest as well!


  2. How can anyone not love Christina Lindberg? Have you seen the Q and A from Cinema Wasteland. I was really happy to be there and it is amazing the shy and restrained little lady that Christina is…but what is most cool is that she has absolutely no issues with what made her famous.


  3. Great pics and post Z. Like you say, how can anyone not love Christina? I think TOMB needs to adopt that tagline from CFR… “For the aware audience”. You'll be pleased that we're kicking off (no pun intended) Wild Card Weekend with a viewing of THE LAST MATCH.


  4. Indeed, never enough Christina!

    I saw this film when I was around 12 I think (not knowing the title – concentrating on other things).
    Many years later when I became aware of Miss Lindberg, I caught the flick again and remembered vividly her 'horse riding' scene… strange moment.

    Also, this one stars the much underrated Ulrike Butz! She shares some film credits with Christina like a few Schulmädchen Reports, Liebe in 3 Dimensionen and What Schoolgirls Don't Tell.
    She's featured on the 12th picture in your post (B&W, pic above, brunette) and little is known of her.

    So, maybe, should you happen to share my enthousiasm regarding this German beauty, you can shed some light on the mystery that is Ulrike?


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