Old Graphics, New Year!

 With the new year upon us I decided to clean up some old drives and post a bit of my own personal web history so that it gets archived in my little blogspot.  I’ll add to them as I find various items to my saved folders.  Since starting the “Tomb of DVD” column in 1999 for Sight and Sound (the Laserdisc shop) I’ve made some interesting, awful, gruesome and downright crude images.  I think I’ve been getting better over the years, but they certainly capture why I’ve been hacking at these pages for over 10 years now!  Uh..enjoy some, laugh at others and this is a nice way to see what images OBSESS me. Lina Romay’s perfect backside from The Female Vampire anyone??
Here are some Morpho’s Lair entry pages, a few graphics for a column I penned for DOORWAYS magazine called The Cinextremist, a little graphic for Comix That Witness Madness, the graphics for Linn Haynes “Cave of Kung Fu” site we set up in 2002 (if memory serves), some t-shirts (there are actually 2 shirts of OTHELLO THE BLACK COMMANDO in existence!) and a bunch of intro page graphics for Cinema Nocturna that I enjoyed working on.  Also, click the Ninja Mission graphic for an old “tour shirt” of Morpho’s Lair. Some amazing folks on there.
ONWARD to new writing and hopefully better graphics!!
Here is an ancient (and probably first!) entrance graphic when Tomb of DVD just served as a pointer back to Sight and Sound.
The above was created by Vince Corkadel, one of my earliest inspirations…I love it.  Still do…


3 thoughts on “Old Graphics, New Year!

  1. WOW, pretty much everything there triggers great memories for me. Where the heck have the last ten years gone !?. Sex Gore Mutants was but the entrance mat that clearly read … Welcome To Morpho's 🙂 . Happy days David, Great Post. I'll continue to hang on to the Wrestlemania Jacket until it fits you !!!. Happy New Year.


  2. Me as well Paul, and thank you for being such a huge part of it. The last 5 years (wow, Simon is having his fifth birthday this month) have been a lot slower in some ways-but I looked and saw my “new” blog has over 500 posts! You hang on to that jacket (one of the best days ever was waiting to see the Banzai drop in NYC!)-one day my son can wear it 🙂

    Hopefully I can find some more, but these are some real core ones. I sure do miss all those talks with Linn, writing wacky introductions to CN and every Bruno related post. Of course, we'll always be TOUGH TO KILL 😉


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