Amazons Vs. Supermen Lobby Cards!!

I’ve been on an Al Bradley / Alfonso Brescia vision quest of Science Fiction madness for the last three nights. I enjoy these films not because they are “bad” or “good” by any standard, but they are unique and just plain weird.

But when I think of Brescia, I always think of the awesomely goofy AMAZONS VS. SUPERMEN / SUPERSTOOGES VS. THE WONDER WOMEN first. I posted on this film back when the limited edition German DVD was released right here, and celebrated the ultimate final gasp n’ spurt of the Science Fiction films of Brescia with my take on THE BEAST IN SPACE…and I was thrilled to find these great lobby cards on Ebay for Amazons vs. Supermen. Now, I don’t have 80 extra dollars to buy them, but if are like me you want to cover your workspace in images from SUPERSTOOGES VS. THE WONDER WOMEN-so click, print and enjoy. The ultimate Peplum / Superhero / Comedy / Action film (by Alfonso Brescia) for your viewing pleasure-enjoy!!


7 thoughts on “Amazons Vs. Supermen Lobby Cards!!

  1. Pre-Star Wars space opera was so much fun. TCM in Australia have just screened two classic Antonio Margheriti space operas from the mid-60s, War of the Planets and the incredibly wonderful Wild, Wild Planet. Which is every bit as much fun as Brescia's space operas.


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