Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Doctor Freudstein

Another favorite European Trash Cinema image of mine has to be the appearance of the disturbing and fleshily distraught Doctor Fruedstein. Talk about your Medical Deviant! House By The Cemetery is my favorite horror film from Lucio Fulci’s amazing filmography. While Zombie was a trend setter, Gates of Hell one of my first Eurotrash experiences and The Beyond a great experience film, all those elements come together for House By The Cemetery. The design of this monster and his ultimate triumph is a classic. For much of the film the doc feels like a ghost, phasing in and out to do the impossible acts of violence he seems to delight in-but the twist of him being real and then ghosting the family in it’s entirety is just a cool twist that sticks with me.

While the finale may be more than a little inspired by Jorge Grau’s Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue, Fulci and his crew bring the entire film together on a fantastic down note that leaves us with an eternal BOB and a whole lot of mystery.
Fruedstein is an utterly unique Living Vampire that is fueled by maggots(?) and blood-and when you have Giannetto De Rossi and Maurizio Trani working on one film, how can you go wrong?
Long Live the Doctor!


4 thoughts on “Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Doctor Freudstein

  1. I agree Dr. Z (like I wouldn't). Giovanni de Nava made it all the creepier just lurking around.

    Actually visiting the HOUSE itself this past October with the lovely Ms. Catrion MacColl was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

    Long live Dr. F!!!


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