The Zoetropes #1

I’m a lucky fellow…truly. I love comics and I love European Trash Cinema. Now, if I could just combine the two. Well, the aforementioned luck comes in the form of having many talented friends-one of whom would be Jay Piscopo. Jay was featured in my Visions of Christina Lindberg here as well as his excellent Cat Man redesign here.
Jay has a knack for Golden Age heroics, and who better to lead a team conjured from the depths of Eurotrash than CAPTAIN AMERICA?? Nobody.
So, The Zoetropes #1 takes a step back to 1946 when Cap finds himself battling the awful scourge of THE FEARSOME DR. FREUDSTEIN! He needs serious help for such a maggot encrusted creature-and he is going to get it.


MOSIACO-The beast of Frankenstein ’80 is revived by his master Baron Corvo and sent in to action!

THE FANTASTIC ARGOMAN-Using his way with the ladies and stunning mental prowess, Argoman will hypnotize the goons and stare at more than a few Golden Age Bazoooms!

MS. THRILLER-Wronged by the entire male population of Sweden, the spunky Christina L. joins the cause of right! Ready to fight…just make sure to keep eye contact at all times. Look at The Fantastic Argoman-you think that visor is for show? The body and brawn of a battler and the beauty that stops her foes in their tracks!!


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