Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Anthropophagus

George Eastman is an iconic figure in Eurotrash Cinema…the man has done it all. A monster, a crazed post nuke warrior who likes knocking at his co-stars backdoor, a Spaghetti Western hero and villain…and even a suave Emmanuelle dude-you have to appreciate him. While not limited to the immense output of Joe D’Amato, the image of a cannibal man beast so hungry to eat human innards that he would feast on his own before dropping dead face down in them (oof!!) is a classic! While the fate of Serena Grandi and her unborn doll is possibly more notorious, this scene was forever immortalized by poster maestro Enzo Sciotti and is one of my favorites. This is one motivated cannibal friends…

For a lot more Anthropophagus, check out this great fansite… THE UNOFFICIAL ANTHROPOPHAGUS Fan Page!


4 thoughts on “Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Anthropophagus

  1. Congratulations to you for focusing your pen on one of Europe's finest pieces of trash cinema. Despite its flaws, I have great affection for 'Anthropophagus', and have watched it many times. There is something so wonderfully lurid about it, and the setting is fantastic.

    I often think of 'Who Could Kill A Child?' and Mastorakis's 'Island of Death' when I watch 'Anthro'. The films are quite different plot-wise, but their set-ups are similar.

    The 'Anthro' key art is absolutely amazing, and could be used to represent Euro Trash Cinema in any forum.

    Thanks for the link to the great fan site. It's sublime. A monument to D'Amato's masterpiece.

    p.s. when will your 'Smithisms' be published?


  2. Can't you get Mad Cow Disease eating your own species? He should be careful.

    I always thought it was
    but the trailer calls it
    I guess with a title as huge as that it's no big deal if you skip a few letters here and there.


  3. Regarding the comment by Phantom Of Pulp- not so much with Who Could Kill A Child but I got the same feeling when watching Island Of Death. The two would probably make a great trash horror double bill.


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