Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Irina Karnstein

There are some images in European Trash Cinema that inspire me, and Lina Romay emerging from the mist at the beginning of Female Vampire (or the better title of The Bare Breasted Countess) is one. Below are some cool interpretations of Countess Irina by two talented gents. Ade Salmon posted on HIS BLOG about the return of the super cool Terry Sharp and I could never forget his awesome confrontation with Lina! Below are the color version, as well as the original artwork from my collection (yes indeed, I’m a lucky guy!)

And here is a little sketch that Neil Vokes (check HIS blog here) tossed in a Christmas package one year. He was inspired by Lina in the series Love Bites, which really should be in print Eros, but I love this little card.

What really makes me smile is that both artists nail the belt and the lack of pants-Ade’s angular design is awesome, because the original scene is foggy enough one might think that Irina subscribes to walking around in bottoms in the full version of The Bare Breasted Countess. She does not.
Ah, the early 70s ruled in pelvic unruliness.

So, here is to Lina Romay, Countess Irina Karnstein and one of the many great images of European Trash Cinema!

Thank you Jess!!

Fah, this scene is all wrong in the clothed variant!! Just say no.


4 thoughts on “Favorite European Trash Cinema Images – Irina Karnstein

  1. My one true apologetically lustful connection to Eurotrash – and that Lina sketch was a potential design for a ETP t shirt that i made at a Fanex con many years back (it would have been my 1st)

    You should add a piece or two from LOVE BITES sometime-i agree that it should be reprinted (my 1st official ink wash work in print)


  2. It would still make a rocking T-Shirt! I was looking for Love Bites online because my copies are hidden somewhere out of kid sight in my boxes in the basement-but no luck.
    For those that don't know, it is a very funny little vampire book with a groovy Dracula and lots of naked vampire women skin.
    Well worth seeking out!

    I did not know the ink wash connection-hmmm…when the CHERUB WITH THE HANDS OF A DEVIL hardcover / book n' record set with USB turntable is released it will be a funny turning point in your artistic history!

    “For his first full blast adult work, Vokes chose to drench the pages with a white inky wash!”

    That is gonna be a great book 🙂


  3. It's certainly an image that sums up the magic of European trash cinema perfectly. A great movie. Although perhaps not quite Lina's greatest moment – I think Doriana Gray is even better.


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